Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Drawings from the past

After I came back to Italy yesterday, I explored a little my old sketchbooks containing comics and drawings I made when I was younger. I'm going to post some of them in the next few days - also because the comics speeches are all in Italian and I would like translate some of them - but here is a little preview.
I don't remember exactly when I have drawn the following ones, but for sure in the years of high school (most probably around 2000-2001)

Some cartooned Rambo, and a Predator (this last one I'm quite sure it's not my "original", like I copied it from a videogame magazine)

 Another Rambo, with some Russian friends

Some not-well-defined space marines, landing on a savage planet. As you can seen I was really into action and science fiction movies at that time

I was also a big fan of the Star Trek movies of the 80's. As you can see I'm not exactly a real artist in handmade pencil coloring... fortunately times have changed since then :D


  1. Non so perché ma questi disegni mi hanno suscitato tenerezza. Forse perché mi ricordano quelli che facevo io (sempre al liceo)... :P

    1. siamo vittime della nostalgia, segno che stiamo inesorabilmente invecchiando XD


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