Wednesday, 30 May 2012

From the past: Star Wars

Let's begin with posting some other drawings and comics I recovered during last week in Italy. I found several drawings about Star Wars; I was a very big fan during high school, and even though the prequel trilogy ended up with being very far from the highness of the old one I followed it the same... for me that was still acceptable, now instead I don't follow much what has become the Star Wars franchise in these very last year since, in my opinion, it has just become the merchandising of itself, nothing more than this (and I'm afraid of saying this, shame on you George Lucas).

However, back to the cartoons: these sketches do not belong to a strict period of time, but clearly some of them have been done just after the Episode II - The attack of the clones.

An uncompleted Darth Vader. Sorry Anakin, my worst fault is leaving things uncompleted.

"Luke, I am your father!"
"Really? Don't tell me... and maybe Princess Leia is my sister!"
Not exactly the most original or funniest joke about a crucial moment of the Star Wars saga, but whatever...

Another uncompleted work, in this case a Naboo starfighter from Episode I - The phantom menace. Ok, Jar Jar was unbearable, but these kind of "art nouveau-style" of everything involving Naboo was very good looking and one of the best things of that movie, in my opinion.

This and the followings are preparatory sketches for a parody of The attack of the clones I never completed (just to add another unfinished work to my "career" as a cartoonist). But I did a couple of pages, just with pencil, that will be the content of the next post of this blog.

Don't worry, I know Spider-man is not part of the Star Wars saga... that was another thing that caught my attention in the early 2000's.

I don't kno why I put Alec Guinnes/Ben Kenobi in there. Probably I just wanted to try to draw him, not only characters from the new trilogy.

Some villains from Episode II. Please note the quality of the paper I was drawing on, so thin that it is almost possible to see what I drawn on the other side of the sheet.
Another little curiosity is the hammer and sickle on the headgear of the Viceroy of the Trade Federation. I don't know about the English version, but in the Italian dubbing the Neimoidians speak with this ridicolous accent of the Russians in the action movies of the eighties, pure Ivan Drago style. Enough to spoof them.


  1. Sono bellissimi!

    Grazie mille per il commento, CIAO!!!

  2. Il primo disegno è bellissimo, mi piace un sacco come l'hai colorato con solo due colori (hai usato una sola matita o più matite?)

    Mi hai fatto venire voglia di pubblicare i miei disegni, credo proprio che nei prossimi giorni vedrai un post sull'argomento... ;)

    1. ho usato una sola matita, a carboncino. m'era persino venuta voglia di completarlo quando l'ho riesumato la settimana scorsa, ma mi sa che si sarebbe vista la differenza :D

      brava, sono contento di averti fatto venire voglia di pubblicare i tuoi disegni! il talento non va tenuto nascosto :)


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