Friday, 11 May 2012

The real Sherlock Holmes - color experiment

Since some of you asked me whether I was planning to color my comics (in particular we were talking about the first episode of The real Sherlock Holmes series), and actually I did an experiment in this direction just on one panel of that table... here is the result:

This was a very rough experiment - I just picked up my tablet and started coloring the b/w panel with the default GIMP color palette, and since the final result was an eyesore (too powerful color impact, I mean) I lowered the opacity of the color level aroud 90%. I can't say I'm fully satisfied with it, but that was just to try.
I have recently installed Corel Painter on my pc, I'll try it in the next few weeks and see if it could be a good instrument (I mean, if I can get to use it properly) to color my drawings... but do not expect a lot of colored stuff: I am a fan of b&w :)


  1. Non è male, anche se userei colori un po' meno accesi e magari qualche sfumaturina....! ;-)
    Cmq sei sulla buona strada, continua così !!!

    1. grazie! (anche per il commento al post sotto)
      accetto volentieri i consigli, devo trovarmi una palette di colori che non pugnali l'occhio del lettore e magari un giorno m'imparo pure come fare sfumature e ombre...


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