Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Revengers (aka The Asylum Avengers) poster

This is another drawing I recently did. It is the parody of the famous cover of The Avengers #4 comic book
this one
which I wanted to spoof re-doing it with characters from some of the most popular movies by The Asylum
, the movie studio that became famous with its low cost and direct-to-video versions of major blockbuster movies (and other weird stuff such as "mega" monsters movies). Actually I am a big fan of The Asylum, I am even the creator of the Italian blog dedicated to them and their movies :D
So I decided to homage them - and also the original movie about the avengers currently on the cinemas - making this mockbuster version of the avengers themselves, substituting Captain America, Iron Man, Thor & co. with:

  • Special Agent Jason Fitch from Mega Piranha (played by Paul Logan... maybe you know the famous scene where he fights against some giant piranha by bicycle kicking);
  • Thor from Almighty Thor (played by Cody Deal... better known as the Thor with the UZI machinegun);
  • Captain Karla Smaith from Battle of Los Angeles (played by Nia Peeples... she did nothing really weird but she has a "best scene" as well - at the end of this trailer - and she has a katana);
  • Thorpe Holmes, the brother of Sherlock Holmes (from the movie by the same name), in his Spring Heeled Jack steampunk armor (played by Dominic Keating... again, the trailer of the movie will explain you several things);
  • and, in the square box, the notorious Mega Shark, protagonist of two movies - Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus and Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus, with a third chapter of this saga coming: Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark - and his best scene is definitely the one where he bites a plane.
You see, there is enough stuff to make a great team-up! And the result is this:

Clearly I'm not Jack Kirby, so I copied the style of the original cover but with more of my "clear line" style, so no complicated shadows and things like this. I colored it with GIMP and a limited palette of colors, as it used to happen with the comics of the sixties. You can find a high resolution version here.

I posted it on Facebook last week tagging the original actors, directors and producers of the original Asylum movies I put on this drawing, and it seems that they appreciate it, so I'm quite happy of the result :)


  1. Bello!!!

    Grazie mille per il commento, CIAO!!!

  2. Ah ah, il mio preferito rimane senza dubbio il Mega Shark nell'angolo... :D Bravissimo Brunez! (Come l'hai colorato, per curiosità?)

    1. grazie! l'ho colorato con GIMP, cercando di stare il più possibile sui colori dell'originale

    2. Il grande GIMP... :D
      O bravo, è venuto proprio bene! Anche io dovrei riprendere a disegnare, prima lo facevo sempre...

  3. Bravo ! Sei riuscito a ricreare perfettamente lo stile e l'impostazione della copertina del grande Kirby !!! ;-)


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