Monday, 11 June 2012

From the past: Worms

If you have never played with a videogame the Worms series, I'm sorry but you haven't had a completely funny youth. When I was in high school, but even during the days of the university, I played a lot with this game - I had Worms 2 and Worms World Party - basically with everybody I knew: my sister, my friends etc., since it was something universally enjoyable.
To be very fast, this was a turn game where you have a team of worms on a 2D sinking landscape, and you play against another team of worms, and the only purpose is to kill all the opponents with a wide choice of weapons, from usual arms (pistol, shotgun, bazooka...) to more funny ones (the explosive old lady, the sheep, the holy bomb, the French nuclear experiment...). So a big part of the game was having fun blasting the worms with creativity.

A screenshot of the game
I was having fun depicting these worms in my diary and schoolbooks, and I did also this 4-page comic adaptation placing them into a kind-of Vietnam war. Again I don't remeber exactly when I did it, somewhere between 1999 and 2001. Clearly this story is unfinished.

Italian (original) version:


  1. Love your comics!

    P.S. Sembro una fan delle fashion blogger...? :P Scherzi a parte, mi piace un sacco come hai realizzato i vermi, così cicciotti e così politically uncorrect... :D

    P.S. 2 Prima o poi pubblicherò i miei disegni, chissà che non ti piacciano... :roll:

    1. ti ringrazio, ho cercato di riprodurre lo spirito del gioco e la sua "violenza" parodiata in modo cartoonesco. tra l'altro ho scoperto che esiste un gioco identico che si chiama Hedgewars, così da poter giocare a un simil-Worms anche su Ubuntu

      PS: sì pubblica i tuoi disegni, sono sicuro che meritano senz'altro! :)


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