Saturday, 30 June 2012

The origins of The real Sherlock Holmes

A new adventure of The real Sherlock Holmes is coming. In the meantime I'm sharing with you, in this post, the very first drawing I ever did with the two protagonists of this series:

As you can see, some things changed when I started the series, e.g. Sherlock's nose and other little dressing details. At that time I just wanted to do a quick drawing with Holmes & Watson, I didn't already know what I would have done later with these two characters. So they are potrayed in their traditional activity: investigating, rather than the everyday life housemate troubles I'm making them playing, reintrepreting the title of Conan Doyle's novels and short stories.


  1. Le origini! E come nelle migliori tradizioni, sono su un foglio di quaderno... ;)

    1. esatto! che vagava stropicciandosi all'interno dello zaino da almeno un paio di mesi, aggiungo

    2. Mah, ti dirò, non mi sembra molto stropicciato!


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