Sunday, 22 July 2012

Midsummer Murders - Part 1

I wanted to do a parody of the famous tv series Midsomer Murders since a while; then I got the right occasion when the creator of the series said some things about the fact that the series wouldn't work with racial diversity in it, literaly saying that Midsomer Murders is the last bastion of Englishness. So that's what I did, a kind-of episode very full of this so-called "Englishness" in it. Clearly I know that fox hunting is now banned, that tea-time at 5pm doesn't actually exist etc., but I hope you get the meaning of this parody.

To be honest I'm not very satisfied with the result: John Nettles/Tom Barnaby ended up being difficult to draw to me, so what we have here is an approximation which doesn't completely satisfies me; and I don't like the scanned versions of the pages, maybe it's a little to bright. Maybe I'm going over it again in the close future, even for coloring... but not now, so enjoy the first part (the end of the story will be published in a couple of days).

Italian version:

The second part of this story is HERE!


  1. Ah ah, mi piace un sacco questa idea! E' un continuo rimando alla cultura inglese, non puoi fermarti un attimo a leggere che c'è un riferimento dietro l'angolo!

    Bravo Brunez, aspetto il seguito! :D

    1. grazie, in realtà volevo farlo ancora più infarcito di luoghi comuni inglesi ma ho cercato di limitare la cosa :D

      fra un paio di giorni arriva la risoluzione del caso!


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