Thursday, 30 August 2012

We are open for business

A couple of days ago I have set up a new page here in this blog, as you can see in the bar above. It is the brand new ONLINE SHOP, where you can buy hard copies of my comic books.
Everything is explained on that page, I just want to remark that prices are including free postage in the UK and for this reason they are some pence higher than what is usually the price for the same item at zine fairs, festivals, conventions etc... So if you buy comics from me in person they are a little cheaper because of this.

At the moment you can find in the shop only The real Sherlock Holmes comic book, but I will add some other stuff in the near future such as posters and other kind of artworks I'm currently working on... stay tuned.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Keep Calm posters

In the last few years you certainly have seen those Keep Calm and Carry On posters (and all their variations, parodies etc.) more or less everywhere. I've done a couple of them as well, inspired by some of my favourite comics and movies:

Saturday, 25 August 2012

2000AD's Sinister Dexter cover remake

Maybe you already know the Covered blog; if not, this is a blog where artists can submit their remade versions of (more or less famous) comics covers with their own style - and the more different from the original the style is the better it is. I wanted to contribute as well, and I've chose to remade the cover of 2000 AD prog 1190. This is my artwork:

But if you want to see a comparison with the original cover this is where it was originally published:

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Brunez at Caption 2012 - Oxford - this Saturday

Just a little reminder about the fact that the day after tomorrow, Saturday 18 august, copies of my comic book will be for sale at Caption 2012, Oxford's annual small press comics convention. The venue is the East Oxford Community Centre, and you can find my comic at the Caption table. I will be there on that day, but the event is going to end the day after. Visit the website of the convention for more infos about how to get there etc. (you can also find it on Twitter and Facebook)

What you are currently reading is a caption about Caption's logo
(my apologies for this silly word game)

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Graduation caricature - Papiro di laurea

In Veneto, the region of Italy I come from, we have a particular tradition to celebrate someone's graduation (in particular in Padua and Venice, even though now it's spread accross other cities of northern Italy): friends and family craft a big poster stating the fact that the guy has just graduated, with a more or less obscene caricature of him containing all his most peculiar features, surrounded by a long poem narrating the story of his life, with particular attention to the most embarassing moments.

This is one of the most prolific drawing activity I did in the past few years. In this post I'm showing you the last one, that is the caricature of one of the very few people on this Earth I would call a real friend. He graduated around couple of weeks ago in medicine, so he really deserved to be properly honored with such a portrait (unfortunately I couldn't go to Italy to celebrate this event, but he said he appreciated my drawing):

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Self-publishing your comic book - step by step

As you probably have seen in this post, I prepared a kind of miniposter for the communal table at the IAPF2, and I wrote that I may have posted that artwork in the near future. Well, I did a little more: since the cartoons around the writing COMMUNAL TABLE were showing a guy in the act of self-publishing a comic book (the whole process from the original idea to the printed booklet), I re-arranged them in their sequential order, and finally got the following panel:

I did it thinking about how I crafted myself the comic book I recently prepared. Clearly there is no need to say what the yellow shirt with the black zig-zag refers to :)

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Mazzini & Garibaldi troll hunters

Some time has passed since I posted some drawings or comics, with the self-publishing thing and the IAPF2 around, but it's time to get back on track. The real Sherlock Holmes series is currently paused, so I'll be posting some drawings and other various stuff, in this case a fake movie poster parody (I don't know exactly how to call it) I did inspired by poster and themes of the movie Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter. Actually I haven't already watched this film (but I've seen its ripoff version, Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies), but I basically took its idea and I remade it in the Italian way.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

2nd International Alternative Press Festival: the report

Here we are, back from the IAPF of yesterday! I have to say that this was a great event, I really enjoied it, getting in touch with talented artists and other interesting people. A very positive experience for me, since it was the first time I was showcasing my comics in the UK, and I think that I couldn't have gone to a better event for this debut (and my comic book sold well too :D)

Some (quite random) photos I took yesterday:

A small poster I did for the communal table (maybe I'll post the original image later)

Thursday, 2 August 2012

My comic book at IAPF2 and CAPTION 2012

This is just a reminder of the fact that I will make my public debut on the British alternative small press scene the day after tomorrow, Saturday 4th August, at the 2nd International Alternative Press Festival, to be held at Conway Hall in London. A number of hard copies of The Real SHERLOCK HOLMES - containing all the strips + an unpublished one, with the conclusion of the series - will be for sale for the whole day (while stocks last) at the communal table.

More details can be found at, on Twitter at #IAPF and the Facebook page of the event. But this is not the only event I will attend to this month:

In fact I will be also at CAPTION 2012, another small press comic convention to be held in Oxford on 18-19 August 2012. Again, I will be there, with my booklets, only the first day, 18 August, again my comics will be available at the communal table. More infos at and its Twitter. So see you in London, or Oxford, or both!