Saturday, 25 August 2012

2000AD's Sinister Dexter cover remake

Maybe you already know the Covered blog; if not, this is a blog where artists can submit their remade versions of (more or less famous) comics covers with their own style - and the more different from the original the style is the better it is. I wanted to contribute as well, and I've chose to remade the cover of 2000 AD prog 1190. This is my artwork:

But if you want to see a comparison with the original cover this is where it was originally published:

I was not sure about what cover to remake - at first I was thinking about some Italian comics such as Tex, Dylan Dog or Diabolik, but then I decided to go for this cover with two of my favourite characters of the British weekly anthology 2000 AD.

I started reading 2000 AD after I moved to the UK, and thanks to second-hand comic fairs I got several annuals and back numbers, where I discovered that Judge Dredd is not the only interesting series, and Sinister Dexter is definitely another one.

A page from the issue I remade the cover
I'm not going into details describing this series (there is Wikipedia for this), but I want to to say that I like Sinister Dexter because it is a very enjoyable buddy series with both action and humour, as you can see in the above page and in the cover itself - and I hope to have captured the original spirit with my remake.


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    1. grazie! :) ne farò delle altre (e forse stavolta di fumetti italiani)


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