Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Graduation caricature - Papiro di laurea

In Veneto, the region of Italy I come from, we have a particular tradition to celebrate someone's graduation (in particular in Padua and Venice, even though now it's spread accross other cities of northern Italy): friends and family craft a big poster stating the fact that the guy has just graduated, with a more or less obscene caricature of him containing all his most peculiar features, surrounded by a long poem narrating the story of his life, with particular attention to the most embarassing moments.

This is one of the most prolific drawing activity I did in the past few years. In this post I'm showing you the last one, that is the caricature of one of the very few people on this Earth I would call a real friend. He graduated around couple of weeks ago in medicine, so he really deserved to be properly honored with such a portrait (unfortunately I couldn't go to Italy to celebrate this event, but he said he appreciated my drawing):

I haven't provided an English translation this time. However, censored words on the top are swearings and blasphemies (but they were displayed in the original poster) against God and his everwrecking pc, and the other things are references to his house pets activities, all the dvds full of porn movies that were supposed to be tv series downloaded from p2p programs, and the fact that studying such a difficult degree like medicine for six years contributed a lot to increase the volume of his balls.

That's just an example of a graduation caricature, you can find more examples in this deviantART gallery where I collected some of the ones I have been drawing recently (but I did a lot more, I should try to recover most - if not all - of them and put on the above mentioned album).


  1. Ovviamente il pistolino non poteva mancare... :D Ricordo che anche per la tua laurea ti fecero una caricatura ma tu eri più bello, sembravi Jude Law... :D

    1. più che altro mi sa che era più brava la caricaturista quella volta XD


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