Thursday, 9 August 2012

Self-publishing your comic book - step by step

As you probably have seen in this post, I prepared a kind of miniposter for the communal table at the IAPF2, and I wrote that I may have posted that artwork in the near future. Well, I did a little more: since the cartoons around the writing COMMUNAL TABLE were showing a guy in the act of self-publishing a comic book (the whole process from the original idea to the printed booklet), I re-arranged them in their sequential order, and finally got the following panel:

I did it thinking about how I crafted myself the comic book I recently prepared. Clearly there is no need to say what the yellow shirt with the black zig-zag refers to :)


  1. Ti sta bene il maglione "referenziato" :D

    Sul disegno, ho già espresso il mio parere nel primo post ma te lo ridico: bravissimo. ;)

    1. grazie! e vedo che, acutamente, hai fatto caso al fatto che quel è un autoritratto, sto tizio che autopubblica (anche se al momento ho la testa rasata)


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