Thursday, 30 August 2012

We are open for business

A couple of days ago I have set up a new page here in this blog, as you can see in the bar above. It is the brand new ONLINE SHOP, where you can buy hard copies of my comic books.
Everything is explained on that page, I just want to remark that prices are including free postage in the UK and for this reason they are some pence higher than what is usually the price for the same item at zine fairs, festivals, conventions etc... So if you buy comics from me in person they are a little cheaper because of this.

At the moment you can find in the shop only The real Sherlock Holmes comic book, but I will add some other stuff in the near future such as posters and other kind of artworks I'm currently working on... stay tuned.


  1. Detto, fatto: mail inviata. Aspetto istruzioni. :D

  2. Grande, Brunez ! Vedo che sei diventato un vero "businessman" !!!
    A quando l'apertura di una casa editrice ?!?! ;-p


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