Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Dredd vs. Anna Karenina

Actually this is a one week old thing, but I forgot to post it so I do it now. Basically last weeks' UK boxoffice duel was between Dredd 3D and Anna Karenina, as some magazines said - but from my point of view there was no doubt at all: I have nothing against Anna Karenina and I didn't even know about this movie... maybe its good, but Dredd had the priority! However, although the 18-rating limitation Dredd was the winner. So in something like 3 minutes I did this silly and awfully drawn cartoon, straight from my mind to pen on paper, where I represented this victory merging the biggest moments from the two movies (I mean, I haven't seen this Anna Karenina adaptation but if it is faithful to the original I suppose that's what happen).

PS: it's not that I have badly drawn Keira Knightley, this is exactly how I see her - sexy like dead branch.

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