Sunday, 9 September 2012

The real Sherlock Holmes is bored as well

I haven't been posting much stuff in the past couple of weeks, it' a period of academic commitments and other activities. However I wanted to share a quick, spontaneous (and quite ugly) cartoon I did yesterday at the NoGloss Film Festival, a fantastic event here in Leeds at his first edition (I hope there will be a second edition, and maybe I'll submit a short movie next time) on one of these long paper sheets made available for random drawing. And since so far I haven't depicted Sherlock Holmes doing one of his favourite spare time activities, I did it.

About The real Sherlock Holmes, I have to say that I already have a couple of new stories in mind for a second series, but I want to assemble some more ideas before officially starting it. Anyway, stay tuned!


  1. Mmmmm...un po' violento questo Sherlock !!! ;-D
    Aspettiamo la seconda serie, allora ! Ciaoooo ! ;-)

    1. tutta farina del sacco di Arthur Conan Doyle, non ho inventato niente di nuovo!


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