Friday, 30 November 2012

Leeds International Film Festival - The BLOODY Brunez Report

A new Brunez publication! This is an "instant" A6 zine I did in the few spare time I had in the last couple of weeks, containing short reviews and cartoons about the movies of the Leeds International Film Festival I've seen this year. It is bloody because most of the movies contained a remarkable quantity of blood, so I decided to print it in black and red.
The titles you can find in these 16 pages are:
  • Django (1966) by Sergio Corbucci
  • Django Kill! - Se sei vivo spara (1967) by Giulio Questi
  • Antiviral (2012) by Brandon Cronenberg
  • Asura (2012) by Keiichi Sato
  • Judge Minty (2012) by Steven Sterlacchini
  • Electric man (2012) by David Barras
  • Nekromantik (1987) by Jorg Buttgereit
  • The Death King - Der todesking (1989) by Jorg Buttgereit
It is available in my comic shop here in the blog and in my Comicsy shop for the price of £1. If you buy the digital edition (.pdf file) or from me in person the cost is 50p. A couple of inside pictures:


  1. Dunque, innanzitutto complimenti! :D

    Poi ti volevo dire che ho provato a comprare la copia digitale ma il bottone non funziona... come faccio? :(

    1. oddio, davvero? in che senso il bottone non funziona? ma i soldi te li ha scalati? se si' dimmelo che te la mando per email


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