Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Article about Dredd 3D

This post is not about something I've drawn, but something I've written: a 4 pages article, in Italian, about the movie Dredd 3D (but with a wide overview on Judge Dredd in general) for the 6th issue of Italian webzine Sbam! Comics.
So it may be of interest only to my Italian readers, however that is an occasion for them to better know this great comic character which is (unfortunately) not very well known in Italy.

You can download it from here (or here, if the previos link doesn't work) and my article is at pages 142-145.


  1. Questa volta posso scaricarlo senza che tu ti veda arrivare mail sui miei tentativi falliti. :P

    1. la possibilita' c'era anche qua pero', dato che il primo dei due link ho visto che va e non va (ma il secondo va senz'altro, in piu' c'e' solo che bisogna registrarsi mentre il primo sarebbe un link diretto al pdf)


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