Friday, 15 March 2013

8 Essential Dieselpunk Movies

As briefly announced in the last few posts I was having something new coming up, and this is it: an A5 zine about dieselpunk cinema!

The cover. Again, time constraints led me to do a completely uninteresting and poor cover XD

8 Essential Dieselpunk Movies is, surprise surprise, about 8 dieselpunk movies, which I considered essential as an entry point to this subgenre of steampunk. For each movie I wrote a review, reported relevant quotes and sketched a doodle.

I'm not going to unveil which movies are covered in it, or better I'll do it just for one since I already made its cartoon public on Facebook, to give you a little preview:

Said this, I am going to sell copies of this zine at the Sheffield Zine Fest 2013 tomorrow, and after that it will be available to buy online as usual in the Shop page or in my Comicsy - or from me in person.

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