Monday, 4 March 2013

Leadership Race 2013 etc.

Another double feature of my "art" on the Leeds Student newspaper (vol. 43, issue 15).
The first one is for the article Do you want to be perfect?, you can find it at page 9. The text has been cut to save space, making the cartoon itself quite meaningless actually... but you can read the original one here:

The second one is in the next page, on an article debating the "bad taste" of many promotional posters for the current student elections.


  1. Proprio ieri (e per ieri intendo quasi un anno fa :D) avevo fatto lo stesso ragionamento sulle riviste!!! eheheh

    1. io l'ho pensato sin dal primo giorno che mi son trasferito qui (non che in Italia siamo senza giornalacci trashoni... ma qua ci si può navigare dentro da quanti sono)


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