Tuesday, 30 July 2013


I thought it was too bad to have stall last weekend at the Leeds Cross-Cultural Book Fair 2013 and nothing really new to sell; so two nights before that I came up (quite in a rush) with this artwork: basically Steampunk Me vs. Dieselpunk Me, in the style of an old Spider-man clone saga cover.

Background stock by http://acatris.deviantart.com/

S it was a nice weekend, also including a quick visit today at the The (secretly steampunk) Victorian Summer Fair.
My mind got quite stimulated and probably it's time to restart drawing regularly and produce a new zine. So far inspiration came in the form of a random, meaningless monster wearing my steampunk outfit

and this weapon-enhanced airship

I take it as a good (re)beginning.


  1. I disegni diventano sempre piĆ¹ belli!
    La prima tavola mi piace assai

    1. grazie! devo dire che quello sfondo (non mio) si prende buona parte del merito comunque :)

  2. Sei tornato in grande forma, Brunez ! Ottimi disegni, bravo !!! ;-)


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