Friday, 25 October 2013

Steampunk Christmas Fairs

Sorry people for doing such an annoying thing like talking about Christmas so much in advance :D But I will be an exhibitor at a couple of steampunk Christmas fairs. The first one is in Leeds on 30th November:

The second one in Doncaster the day after:

Facebook events here and here. I'll be selling my usual stuff, plus a new A6 zine I'm working on at the moment and a couple of new miniposters. Both events are free entry so don't miss them!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Tales from Elsewhere - Episode 1: Dirigible Chase

At last I created a new comic book, which made its debut last Sunday at the Leeds Steampunk Market (which was a great experience, by the way). This comic is something I had in mind since almost one year ago and never seriously started working on it, but eventually I decided to do it (a bit in a rush) just in time for the LSM because I wanted something new to sell.

Front cover

What are you going to find into it? Well, let's say that this is just the beginning of a story set in an alternative universe (where, as such, there are dirigibles everywhere) where historical events went a bit different. It's the year 1925, and in this first issue you can see one of the main characters of this saga in troubles after stealing something from a Prussian floating outpost on the North Sea.

Page preview

As said, things went a bit different

Clearly I created this new series with the purpose of doing something steam/dieselpunk-ish, and new episodes are coming soon. If you are interested you can buy it online as usual in the Shop page or in my Comicsy - or from me in person at zine fairs around the UK.