Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Irregulars: The Ladies & Gentlemen Anthology

So it's Thought Bubble this weekend, my favourite comic convention (and not only because it's walking distance from where I live). I won't be exhibiting but one of my comics will be there: as previously mentioned I have contributed to an anthology of stories with the characters created by Richard Worth and Jordan Collver for their Ladies & Gentlemen series. Now this anthology is ready and will debut at Thought Bubble:

Look at this cover. I mean, look at it. You should but it just because of the awesomeness of this cover
So, in Leeds and bored this weekend? Then go to Thought Bubble and get this beautiful comic book, not just because I'm in it but for all the others (much more talented) comic artists and writers who contributed as well.

PS: even though I'm not trading I will be at Thought Bubble on Sunday. Wandering around the halls or in the courtyard look for a weird guy in a green steam/dieselpunk uniform with golden goggles and nerf gun, most probably it's me.