Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Zombies before they went mainstream

 This is my new A6 zine, which made its debut last weekend at Leeds and Doncaster Steampunk Christmas Fairs. And, as you can see, it is about zombies.

A bit of Romero on the front
and Fulci on the back
However don't worry: I haven't been moaning for 14 pages about the recent and growing popularity/mainstreamisation of zombies in pop culture and entertrainment industry. I wanted to write this zine to recall my thoughts about movies and reading I experienced some time ago, when the current zombiemania hasn't exploded yet.

So if you go around saying you are a zombie lover just because you have seen The walking dead and World war z, take a second to think about this heresy and get this black & white & red zine to discover some genuine old school zombie stuff.

Available on Comicsy (£1 + 50p postage) and soon also in my online shop.


  1. Eh eh, tempi duri per i VERI amanti degli zombie ! Ormai ci manca solo di trovarli nelle patatine insieme a Peppa Pig !!! :-D


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