Monday, 24 February 2014

Elsewhere Venice & some news

Here is my last drawing, basically I wanted to experiment with landscapes so I recreated an artwork by Italian artist Canaletto then I filled it with random retrofuturistic characters. I'm selling it as A3 posters and it can be purchased online in my Comicsy shop.

And now, some news: in case somebody missed it I created a Facebook page for Brunez Comics, the address is And these are the upcoming events I am going to attend as a trader:

Next weekend it's the Leeds Steampunk Market at Armley Mills, I'll have a stall on Saturday 1st March. Website here and official event here.

Then it's time for the Yorkshire Zine Weekender on 14th and 15th March, with the Sheffield Zine Fest on Saturday and the Leeds Zine Fair on Sunday. I will be at both events, and you can find more details here and here.

To conclude, my stuff will be for sale from 10th March to 4th April at The Handmade Alternative III, a pop-up shop in 13 Market Street, Bradford:

A couple of more events still have to be confirmed, but for now I would say March 2014 is sorted. See you!


  1. Ben ritornato Brunez, non ci vedevamo da tanto tempo :)

    1. Ehilà, sì non ho più aggiornato tanto sto blog ultimamente... ma ora lo farò più spesso perché ho diverse novità in arrivo :)

    2. Aspetto anch'io tue nuove, allora!

      Una tua vecchia lettrice che ha cambiato nick... :P

    3. vedo, vedo :D bentornata! in effetti un blog per conto tuo ci voleva di nuovo


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