Friday, 30 May 2014

Bridges, krakens, cowboys and steampunks

I enjoyed doing this drawing so much that I did another one, once again based on an original drawing by Canaletto which I filled with retrofuturistic characters - and a kraken. It is available as A3 poster on Comicsy.

Another thing I've been working on recently is a poster for an academic workshop about western cinema. I came up with this poster, inspired by the colourful intro sequences and movie poster of old spaghetti westerns and more recent homages like Django Unchained:

To conclude, a quick reminder: tomorrow I will be in Morecambe selling my comics, zines etc. (including the above mentioned Rialto poster) at A splendid day out:


  1. Bello il calamaro, mi piacerebbe vederlo a colori :)

    1. grazie :) non posso garantire su una possibile versione a colori pero', i colori non sono esattamente il mio forte


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