About & Contact

My name is Marco Brunello (commonly named Brunez), and I am just a guy having fun with drawing, nothing much more than this.
What I draw is simply what I like, often finding inspiration from the whole bunch of movies I watch, and most of them are B-movies, parodies, mockbustrers, western (especially Italian western), adventure, war, gangster, monster, ninja, and in general the so-called "cinema di genere".
[Sometimes I also do some (very crappy) short movies, and that's the reason why I also do some artisan crafts preparing costumes or prop replicas]
I'm also a big comics reader. It's difficult to say what kind of comics I like more, but the authors I am currently enjoying more are Robert Crumb, Harvey Pekar, Benito Jacovitti, Sergio Aragones and several stuff from 2000AD.
About the rest of my life, I am based in Leeds (West Yorkshire) doing a PhD in Machine Translation.
Talking about what I am going to do the future... dunno.

If you want to contact me: marcobrunello84@gmail.com